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Sell more, sell faster, and sell better through the best sales arguments right at your fingertips.

The challenges Sales arguments are often managed randomly and individually. Two different sales guys will tell you two different stories about the same product. Training is expensive and infrequent. New products keep rolling out from the factory, so it’s hard to keep everyone up to date. Staff turnaround drains the company for knowledge and requires training of new people. We know you hate to lose your best sales guys. At product launches and campaigns it’s hard to get everyone to focus on the right sales arguments. Low knowledge sharing among sales reps prevents them from learning from each other. Mostly top-down. How can you convert real customer feedback into powerful sales arguments shared amongst all team members? How to become a better salesman BetterSalesman allows you to create an app that you and your team can use to constantly identify, rate and share the best sales arguments for your products. This will help you increase sales performance and boost the motivation of your sales team. Start by defining your company’s product groups Add initial arguments (features & benefits) for each product group Invite your reps They download the app that has now been configured with your product arguments They start to rate, add and share the best sales arguments You monitor and track sales arguments, activity levels and commitment You’ll get a highly motivated and high-performing sales team.

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