Sales Effectiveness, List Building, Lead Management, Marketing
Identify, Manage Inbound Leads
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Lattice Engine

Lattice predicts who will buy, what they are likely to buy, and when.

Lattice is the only provider of predictive applications that drives results across the entire revenue funnel. We have three solutions all based on the Lattice Predictive Platform: Prospect Discovery enables you to add high quality leads into your funnel – specifically leads that are actively in market for your solution Lead Prioritization enables marketing to identify which inbounds are sales ready and helps sales focus their time and efforts on those leads most likely to close Our Customer Growth solution enables companies to increase customer lifetime value by identifying which customers are most likely to buy more product from you, how much and when What does our solution do for sales? Lattice helps sales improve their selling effectiveness by providing predicting which leads and accounts are more likely to convert. Sales use these insights to prioritize their time and focus on those leads and accounts that are most likely to convert. What makes our solution unique? Lattice Engines stands out in four key ways: · Proven - Lattice has demonstrated success at over 100 companies (in multiple industries) - including high growth companies and established incumbents in their space. And Lattice is the only vendor to provide predictive insights based on a combination of buyer fit, behavior and intent data at the account and contact level, creating better predictions for our customers. · Secure - Lattice is the only predictive marketing and sales vendor to be ISO 27001 certified; our suite has been tested by the world’s most security-sensitive financial institutions. · Easy - Lattice democratizes predictive modeling and data science for sales and marketing users. · Complete - Lattice offers a suite of applications for the ENTIRE revenue funnel from prospecting to leads to cross-sell/up-sell to retention.

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  • Lattice Engine
  • Headquartered in San Mateo, CA
  • Founded in 2006
  • Employees: 101-500
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