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Tango CRM

CRM software - customer relationship management. CRM system. Tango CRM. CRM program. ERP.

All your clients in one database <br> Work easier, faster and more efficient <br> A smart way to manage your contacts <br> Thousands of contacts available within seconds. Suppliers, potential and existing customers in a single database. <br> Simple and clear work process <br> Plan task for yourself or delegate it to others. Never lose or forget a singl task ever again. <br> Mobile business Tasks always with you in your mobile phone. No need to install anything on your mobile device. All the tasks will be displayed in your phone's main calendar. <br> Sync your email with CRM Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook express, Thunderbird or any other software you use for emails can be synchronized with CRM software. <br> Email marketing Send thousands of e-mails directly from the CRM application. Sort your customers by any criteria. <br> Proposals and contracts within a few seconds Word or Excel document templates. Data from CRM application to the documents will be transferred automatically. <br> Lightning speed document search Instantly locate the document you want in CRM program. The program is looking for a document both by its description, as well as by its content. <br> Automatic reports Almost every field in CRM programa is a value for report. See up to ten reports at once. <br> Deadline Don't be late for anything ever again. Delegate and monitor all your tasks. <br> Synchronizing with the accounting program Print invoices directly from the CRM application. See turnovers, debtors and payment history. <br> Warehouse The quantity and turnover of good. Have all the technical details and pictures of every product. <br> News Simple and fast way to share your news with your colleagues.

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