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TAS Dealmaker

How the Dealmaker software suite by The TAS Group can increase your Sales Velocity in Salesforce

Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager Win more deals and grow deal sizes. Uncover compelling events, navigate the political power structure and focus on qualified deals with intelligent deal coaching. <br> Dealmaker Smart Account Manager Maximize revenue from key accounts. Map solutions to customer’s business drivers, discover white space, grow wallet share and manage actions. Make account planning part of your DNA. <br> Dealmaker Align Dealmaker Align helps you to align your solutions to customer problems. Allow marketing to enable your sales team for real business conversations. <br> Dealmaker Smart Sales Playbook Increase sales velocity by applying repeatable winning sales playbooks based on intelligent industry templates and smart sales tools. Increase visibility into team performance and manage sales forecast and pipeline risk. <br> Dealmaker Political Map Express Visualize the Political Map of the buyer’s organization. Use graphical maps, smart coaching and social networks for each contact. Identify the right people, gain access, and develop support to give you a competitive advantage to win. <br> Dealmaker Smart Call Planner Make every sales call matter. Measurably better sales calls. Measurably better sales results. <br> Dealmaker Sales Performance Manager Achieve Best-in-Class Sales Performance by embedding intelligent software performance analysis in your sales business. Understand key vulnerabilities for high-impact change. Get insights and advice for improved performance.

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  • TAS Dealmaker
  • Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington 98033
  • Founded in 2005
  • Employees: 11-100
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