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Access to Anyone. Toofr figures out business email addresses using only the first and last names, and the website domain. Learn more

What is Toofr!? At its core, Toofr is an innovative new way to find business email addresses. Read about some dude on TechCrunch? Heard some names of key players over beers at the local watering hole? Need the best way to find that dude (or dudette)? That's what Toofr! is for. We give you both the email patterns and positively guessed emails for millions of domains worldwide! If coffee is for closers, Toofr is your coffee shop. What's so innovative about that? Ok smarty. You're right. People have been hacking email addresses ever since the "@" symbol made its way from Unix shells to hotmail inboxes everywhere. All Toofr does is put those address patterns in one easily searchable place, and adds a bunch of other useful data that salespeople need. Then why did my Toofr-inspired email bounce? Hey, bounces happen. People have middle names, companies expand, and sometimes they stick an initial in there. Sorry. But the vast majority of business emails follow a single pattern within the business. Don't act surprised - you work at one. Did you get to choose your email address? Of course not! All Toofr does is help you capitalize on that, but like so many things in this world, it's not perfect 100% of the time. Do you guarantee that emails you give me will send? Absolutely not! But we do put my best foot forward. Toofr uses a multitude of sources to determine the most likely pattern at the business domain you're targeting. Who are you? We are just some sales hackers looking out for our fellow sales brethren. We like to code in Python, Ruby, and PHP, especially around marketing, sales, and communications. We run a few startups in SF and have picked up a thing or two in kicking ass and scraping names, crawling the Internet for emails, and developing sales processes. Toofr was built to ease the sales prospecting and lead generation stages and free up salesfolks to make more sales. Is this illegal? No! Are you sure? Yes! We're only pulling emails and business data that is already out there, so there's no harm, no foul. What you do with this information, however, is up to you and your conscience. But isn't that true of most things? Why do I need Toofr? To make more sales! Toofr is cheap, efficient, and constantly improving. It tells you which patterns are most likely to work for the business emails you're sending, and it provides email addresses too. Short of a business card, there's no better way to do your prospecting. Now lower your bounce rate and quota stress, and fatten your pipeline and pockets. How much is it? Toofr is the most cost effective way to find correct email addresses. Plus, our product is more robust than our competitors' products which charge close to 75 cents per email address. Our prices are lots lower and our data is far fresher. See our homepage for more info on pricing. Do you have an API? Well, we are sales hackers, duh.

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